Ten years ago, we met for the first time. We had found each other through the net, exchanged some messages and agreed to meet in front of a café in Helsinki. Both of us were over 50 and had been looking for a new partner for six years, after our first marriages had ended, one in the death of the partner and the other one in a divorce. Finding the right person at last was really significant to both of us and we wanted to celebrate in style our first decade together.

We had stayed in Haikko Manor before and knew that we could not find a more romantic place. But it is more than that – there are plenty of opportunities for being active as well and that is important for both of us.

We arrived on Friday afternoon after the workday. The morning had been really grey and foggy but just as we got to Haikko the sky cleared up and we had a wonderfully sunny afternoon. After checking in we went out for a long walk in the beautiful park and seaside. The sea was frozen but the ice looked quite dangerous already – which did not stop several fishermen who were sitting and fishing through a little hole on the ice.

After the walk we got dressed for our romantic anniversary dinner. The old manor house offered the best possible setting and the food was delicious. We had the Easter menu with some very exotic tastes, like syrup made from spruce. We felt the waitress really tried to make that evening special for us when we told her what we were celebrating.

On Saturday morning after a good night’s sleep it was time to become active. We overate a little in the breakfast buffet, so we had to take a long walk before we could head for the gym. The gym is so well equipped that I hope we managed to shed the extra weight gained! After sweating out at the gym we pampered ourselves at the spa and visited the different saunas and pools.


We like to think that we are active and take good care to keep in shape. We are also hopelessly romantic and Haikko Manor gave us a chance to be both active and romantic. Coming home we felt we had been on a longer holiday than just one day!


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Written by Soile Niittymaki.


elokuu 2022
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