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Mr Eronen works with influencer marketing through his company Aku News. If you have a service or a product you wish to market internationally, Aku News can help you there.
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MT @MoominOfficial: #Moominvalley Season 3 brings the beloved #Moomins & friends back to our screens🤩 The third season is all about escapades and obstacles won with curiosity, enthusiasm and a great dollop of humour. ♥️ Check out the guide! #finland

MT @norppalivebot: Not only do we #Finns love the WWF Saimaa ringed seal live cam, we also love this Twitter bot that reports whenever there are seals to be spotted!
Watch the wildlive here:

#Finland is home to a growing number of brands offering a wide range of skin care products made with the purest natural ingredients. @goodnewsfinland listed five #Finnish brands that will help you to enhance your natural beauty in the most natural way!

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