Who is Somevaari

Aku Eronen is also known as Somevaari®, which means social media granddad. He is a well-known figure in social media in Finland. Finland, the happiest country in the world (according to UN survey), lies in Northern Europe. He has most followers in Twitter, 100 000 followers on his account @an-blogs and 30 000 followers on his @somevaari account.

His followers are influential people. There are ministers, members of parliament, economic leaders, enterprises and universities. The president of the republic, the prime minister and the chairman of the parliament follow him (June, 2020). All the major medias and many of the smaller ones, too, follow Somevaari in Twitter.

In his blog Somevaari he writes in Finnish and starting in autumn 2020 also in English and Spanish mainly about travelling, wellbeing and health.

Mr Eronen works with influencer marketing through his company Aku News. If you have a service or a product you wish to market internationally, Aku News can help you there.

Please contact via email somevaari@outlook.com

Seuraa Somevaaria


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